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musicfreaks's Journal

Music Freaks
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Are you in love or obsessed with music?
Do you play more than one musical instrument?
Does music (listening or playing) consume most of your time?
Are you a music snob?
Do you have more cds & mp3s than you know what to do with?
Are you or were you a band (rock or classical) or orchestra geek of some sort in high school/college?
Do you play in a rock band... an orchestra... or whatever else you can play with?
Is music your life?
Do you often get asked why you love music so much?
And, most importantly, do you want to meet & chat with other music freaks such as yourself?

If you answered yes to 1 or more of these questions, you're in
the right place!! some other requirements:

1. You must have an open mind about music.
2. Because of #1, you most likely have varied interests in music... from rock, dance, classic rock, & classical.
3. You must loathe top 40 & corporate music... cuz it's evil.
4. This was created for instrumentalists primarily, but you don't have to play a musical instrument...if you are indeed a true music freak otherwise.

So, if you fit these listed, you're in!! Now you just gotta join & tell us a little about yourself: explain the hows & whys of the questions listed above...such as:

what instrument(s) you play, if you sing, if you're a DJ, etc.;
what sort of groups you play with;
what kind of music you like, and of course....
why you're such a music freak.